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Latitude and longitude: 43.76933, -88.08038

Your Legislators

Picture of Senator Duey Stroebel
Senator Duey Stroebel
(R - Saukville)
Senate District 20
(608) 266-7513

Picture of Senator Duey Stroebel Telephone:
(608) 266-7513

Picture of Representative Timothy S. Ramthun
Representative Timothy S. Ramthun
(R - Campbellsport)
Assembly District 59
(608) 266-9175
(888) 534-0059

Picture of Representative Timothy S. Ramthun Telephone:
(608) 266-9175
(888) 534-0059

U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate

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These results are intended to be used as a tool for contacting your State Senator or Representative. Please contact your local municipal clerk for voting district information or look up your voter information through the Government Accountability Board.

The process of matching an address to a legislative district typically generates an accurate result. Sometimes addresses cannot be matched due to differences and errors in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data. Therefore, 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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